Kaelyn’s Fingerless Gloves – Free Crochet Pattern

I had a skein and then some of the lovely raspberry yarn from Noro left over after making Kae’s beret, so I whipped up these fingerless gloves per her request.  I still have some leftover yarn after that, so maybe I will mix it into a scarf or something.  We’ll see what kind of inspiration strikes.  It’s really too pretty to leave it sitting for long.  The gloves can easily be made in an afternoon, so they’re a great quick project.  This pattern is written for little paws, but you can add a few stitches to easily enlarge the gloves.

The Pattern:


1 skein Noro A la Mode yarn in #12 (50g/100 meters) divided into two balls

6 mm double-ended tunisian crochet hook

finishing needle


ch – chain

sl – slip stitch

tss – Tunisian simple stitch

tps – Tunisian purl stitch

tks – Tunisian knit stitch

2tog- two together (reduce stitch by placing hook through both loops to pull up one loop)


Skill Level:

beginner to adventurous beginner


This pattern is worked in Tunisian crochet in the round.  You will work with two strands of yarn and a double-ended hook.  You work the forward stitches with one end of the hook and the return pass simultaneously with the other end of the hook using the second strand of yarn.  The pattern is worked in one piece from the knuckles to the wrist.

Adjusting for size:  These gloves are made to fit a nine-year-old child, but sizes of hands can vary widely.  To increase the size of the pattern, add additional chains in the beginning step.  The initial chain should fit snugly around the knuckle area/upper fingers.  Then in step 5, replace “tks 20” with your number of original chains minus 2.  The “ch 5” is the thumb hole.  You can add additional stitches here as well to fit a bigger thumb.  In step 6, replace “tks 19” with your number of original chains minus 3.  Starting at row 7, the number of tks is your number of tks from row 6 plus your number of chain stitches around the thumb.  You reduce by one each in row 9 and 10, so by 11 your tks number should be the number from row 8 minus 2.


8 tks = 2″

8 rows= 2″


Kaelyn’s Fingerless Gloves in Tunisian Crochet


Tie both strands together and make slip knot.  Chain 23 using both strands.  Join into a circle with a slip stitch.

Foundation row:  Using a single strand to work the forward pass and the other strand to work the return as you go along, pull up 22 loops.

Row 1:  *tss, tps; repeat from * around (22).

Row 2:  *tps, tss; repeat from * around (22).

Row 3:  tks around (22).

Row 4:  Repeat row 3.

Row 5:  tks 20 and finish working the return on all stitches.  Bring both strands together and ch 5.  Skipping two stitches, join to following stitch with a slip stitch to create the thumbhole (when working the return on this stitch, treat both loops as one).

Row 6:  tks 19.  Continuing to work along the chain, pull up 5 loops.

Row 7:  CAREFUL HERE to begin with the stitch where the chain joins the body of the work (it’s bulky with the double strand).  Tks 24.

Row 8:  tks 24.

Row 9:  tks 22, tks 2tog (23).

Row 10:  tks 21, tks 2tog (22).

Row 11:  tks 22 around.

Row 12-16:  Repeat row 11.

Row 17:  *tss, tps; repeat from * around (22).

Row 18.  Using both strands as one, slip stitch around (22).

Cut, pull through, and finish off.


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